Despite the ‘challenging’ weather this week, work is cracking on down at Acorn Dell.  Here’s what the new path looks like at the end of the first week of work.  The path is still to be rolled (i.e. compressed) and dusted (a layer of whin dust put over the top). AcornDell5-ForWeb


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  1. Michael Lynch

    Great work, carry on with the good spirit in the improvements proposed. The majority of the community is in full support though sometimes, even like me, rarely congratulate the organisers personally.

  2. Anne Orchardson

    Very impressive! Especially given the weather!

  3. Nigel Franklin

    What are the plans for when you reach the end of the path at the hill??? #PathToNowhere

  4. paddy allen

    Well done – and in this weather that is dedication!

  5. June McEwan

    I’m not sure if I really like the idea of creating such a ‘good’ path. It’s a shame to see wild areas being constantly upgraded, however, I suppose research was done and the people of Crieff wanted this. On the positive side, the path will benefit young mum’s with buggies and wheelchair users.