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A co-working space created and run by CCT 

Can Do Places

In June 2014 CCT took part in the first Can Do Places workshop – a Scottish Government backed framework to help community-led groups bring enterprise into their towns. Can Do Places has been invaluable in helping CCT highlight to the Scottish Government our continued struggles with getting things done and the blockages we face in our attempts to bring enterprise into Crieff’s town centre. We have given presentations at three Can Do events: the Big Talk Oot in October 2014, Local v Global in June 2015 and at the Enterprise Mash Up at Drygate Brewery in April 2016.

Co-working Plans

In 2016 CCT was instructed to carry out an Empty Buildings Appraisal by the Scottish Land Fund. The study was completed in Spring 2017 and can be read here. The study confirmed strong demand for a co-working space in Crieff: a space with shared facilities for people to work, foster collaboration on projects and make work with and for each other. Instead of having to leave Crieff and Strathearn to work in offices in Stirling, Perth or further afield, people will be able to work in a co-working space in Crieff’s town centre.

Can Do Crieff

Following the findings of the Empty Building Appraisal CCT looked for a suitable building to house a co-working hub in Crieff town centre and, working with Strathearn Artspace, decided to create such a space in the former Learning Centre below it on Lodge Street.

With support from a number of funders, including the Big Lottery Fund and PKLeader, Can Do Crieff opened in February 2019, as a shared professional space where people come to work instead of working in isolation or commuting long distances every day. The Can Do Crieff office is spacious with plenty of room. Our members are business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed people and remote workers who have 24/7 access to the space for a monthly membership fee.


Can Do Crieff is part of a new way of working. More and more people are reluctant to travel to a busy central office every day, using public transport or driving long distances. More and more employers are open to their employees working from home some or all of the time. Many people in Strathearn work for themselves, often running their business from home. But not everyone has a good home office set up, or enjoys it – maybe it’s too noisy, too quiet, too cramped or maybe the internet connection is just too slow!

Can Do Crieff is the best of both worlds with superfast broadband, clean, comfortable desks and a friendly yet calm and professional atmosphere – working from home but not at home!

In the future we plan to collaborate with Growbiz, LOGOS and other organisations to deliver enterprise and entrepreneurship workshops and programmes, develop a skills share network and run a calendar of networking events.


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