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Crieff Eyes Major Transformation with Ambitious Capital Projects Alignment Plan

The Crieff community, driven by a collective desire for sustainable development and heritage preservation, has unveiled an ambitious vision for our town.

The Crieff Capital Projects Alignment Plan (CCPAP), a robust blueprint rooted in community aspirations and strategic planning, showcases ten pivotal projects aimed at invigorating Crieff as a destination of choice for culture, heritage, and community well-being.

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– Crieff Museum: A new museum and heritage venue designed to entertain and to educate, with displays, events, virtual and augmented reality, performances, storytelling, and much more.
– Community Sports Hub: Establishing a dedicated venue for the Crieff Highland Gathering and other community events.
– Crieff to Comrie Path: Enhancing local tourism and community health through a scenic, accessible route.
– Crieff Connexions Community Hub: Creating a safe and accessible space for all the community with links to support services and an emphasis on sustainability and reuse.
– Drummond Arms: Facilitating the repurposing of this large derelict building to act as a transformative catalyst for the local economy and for town centre regeneration..
– Murray Fountain: The restoration of the historic Murray Fountain which sits in James Square in the centre of Crieff.
– Strathearn Arts: Revitalising a historic building into a vibrant cultural hub that supports local arts live performance and fosters community engagement.
– Oakbank Link Path: All-abilities, off-road, link path through Turretbank Wood to Lady Mary’s Walk. Enhancing local tourism and community health.
– Crieff Cinema: The Star Experience, establishing a premier cultural and entertainment hub, with a cinema, culinary, and outdoor experiences to enrich community life.
– Sustainable Reuse Centre: A a large-scale reuse hub in Crieff enabling the maximising of tonnage saved from landfill within the community and supporting the circular economy and net-zero targets.

Ailsa Campbell, Chair of Crieff Community Trust and member of the Crieff Town Team, emphasised the plan’s alignment with both local aspirations and broader policy frameworks, such as the National Planning Framework and Perth & Kinross Council’s Local Development Plan. “Our community is the heartbeat of Crieff, and with the CCPAP, we aim to strengthen this pulse,” said Campbell. “Each project would not only address the immediate needs of our residents but also lay the foundations for sustainable growth and enhanced quality of life.”

The CCPAP is a testament to the power of community collaboration and is supported by various stakeholders, including public bodies, funders, and local businesses. By integrating diverse projects under a cohesive strategy, Crieff is setting a benchmark for community-led development.

About Crieff Town Team
The Crieff Town Team is dedicated to the regeneration and sustainable development of Crieff. Through  \inclusive community engagement and strategic partnerships, the team supports a range of projects aimed at enhancing the cultural, economic, and social fabric of Crieff. The CCPAP highlights a moment in time in the collaborative process undertaken by the major organisations in Crieff who are seeking to deliver transformative change for the town and its community through significant capital projects and through their continuing delivery of positive and impactful work, and who are doing so through partnership working, mutual support and with a collective vision



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