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Turretbank Wood comes out top in poll

By popular demand, Crieff Community Trust will be changing the name of ‘Acorn Dell’.

In a recent survey of CCT members and residents of Crieff, we asked people if they would like the name ‘Acorn Dell’ to be changed.  Acorn Dell is the small area of community owned land, which lies on the west side of the Turret Burn.

Three options were given: Turretbank Wood, Oakbank Wood and Crieff Community Woodland.

The top choice was Turretbank Wood, followed by Oakbank Wood, with Crieff Community Woodland coming last. A majority of those who took part in the survey said they would prefer if the phrase ‘Community Woodland’ was not part of the official name of the land.

So, Turretbank Wood it will be.

If you’d like to read the full (3-page) report of the survey findings, here it is.

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