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Survey report about Crieff to Comrie core path now available

Between March and May this year, CCT carried out a survey among residents of and visitors to Strathearn. Altogether, 1,316 people (two-thirds of whom were local people) took part in this survey.  This is a brilliant result in itself.  Some of the key findings are:

On the Crieff to Comrie path
  • 96% of respondents were in favour of improving the core path between Crieff and Comrie. Just 3% were against improving the path.
  • Most respondents (98%) said they would use the path for leisure and recreational purposes. However, 28% said they would use it to access shops or services, or to commute to work or school
  • Around two-fifths of respondents (42%) said they would use an improved path between Crieff and Comrie at least several times a month.
  • Most respondents (84%) said they would use the path for walking or running, while 54% would use a mountain bike, 35% a road bike, 11% would want access for wheelchairs, prams or mobility scooters and 4% would use the path for horse riding.

Those who were in favour of the path said it would bring benefits to local people in terms of improved safety for walkers and cyclists, and it would lead to increased tourism.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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