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Crieff Police station to close public counter

It was disappointing to hear that the Crieff Police station will be closing its doors to the public.   The police provide an important and highly valued service in Crieff, and its public counter is one of the ways people who live in the town can communicate with the police.  However, we appreciate that the police, like many public services across Scotland, are under severe pressure to respond to significant budget reductions.

Crieff Police Station

The police say that public attendance at front counters has reduced significantly over the past few years, and that many of the people who visit police stations do not do so for “essential” reasons. Tayside Police conducted a study which found that, during a 12-day period, there were 76 visits to the Crieff Police station recorded, 10 of which (13%), fell into the essential category. These were all relating to found property.

CCT is keen to have discussions with the police about how these essential services will continue to be provided in Crieff once the police station closes its doors to the public.

In the meantime, if you have recently visited the Crieff Police station and are willing to share with us why you did so, please email:  (Your message will be treated in confidence.)  We feel it is important that those 87% of people in Crieff who were considered to been in the “non-essential” visit category continue to have their needs met!

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