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Sustainable Crieff – Have your say

A group of Master students of the University of Dundee are searching for information that will help them as they research sustainable solutions that will improve the historic town of Crieff.

They write:

As part of our MSc in Advance Sustainability Programme, this year we have been invited by Crieff and Upper Strathearn Partnership {CUSP} to develop an analytical Town Study report outlining the main issues currently affecting Crieff and propose strategies needed for more sustainable town.

This site was developed as part of our Community Consultation plan which will propel our design concepts and shape the focus of our research. This is meant to be a simple bulletin board where the citizens of Crieff can express their needs and aspirations as well as their views and ideas on how move closer towards a more sustainable Crieff.

You can have your say at their Voices For A Sustainable Crieff website.

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