Perth & Kinross Council are applying for funds to increase Bus Service 15 (Perth – Methven – Crieff – Comrie – St Fillans) from hourly to half-hourly between Perth and Comrie. We are strongly supporting the Council in achieving this objective. Their application last year was unsuccessful, but we hope to be able to work with other communities along the line of the route to make an even stronger case for funding, which could see an improved service from the beginning of 2016.

In the meantime, CCT are working together with PKC and our partners in the Crieff and Upper Strathearn Partnership to explore other ways by which the bus service can be improved — and we would be keen to hear from members of the community about this.  It’s important to bear in mind that individual bus services cannot be maintained if the use of those services is minimal.

A complete list of the local bus timetables (including the no. 15) is available from the Perth & Kinross Council website:  here.

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  1. Tom Inglis Reply

    Not for the first time, I have had to spend nearly two hours hanging around Perth because my train from England arrived just to late to catch a bus to Crieff.
    A more frequent service in the evening would certainly be welcome.

  2. Johndo Reply

    Agree Tom but I disagree with CCT premise that an hourly service is currently available. It may be during the day, for the ‘grey brigade’ who are often travelling for free and not too bothered about schedules. After 5pm, 17:40, 18:50 and the 2 hour intervals for 20:55 then 22:55 is a joke! A real disinsentive for anyone to locate in Crieff, Comrie etc and connect by public transport with the nearest large town or city.

  3. valerie Reply

    I find the service to PRi and Ninewells hospitals appalling.There is no direct service from comrie or crieff to even get to the hospital at perth.Trying to get to ninewells is a nightmare and undermines the health care provided

  4. Roger Brickell Reply

    I have read Valerie’s comment about bus services to the Hospital. Whereas I accept that there is a problem with P R I because it is on the next artery south from Perth City Centre and involves either a complicated route in the City Centre or a long walk from Crieff Road, I do not understand the problem with Ninewells which has a direct hourly link with Crieff by Stagecoach Services 15 and 16 which have reasonable connecting facilities in Perth Bus Station.

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