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Major Funding Announcement for Historic Crieff Building

The Community Group set up to save the former Drummond Arms Hotel building in the centre of Crieff has received a significant funding boost in its efforts to restore the historic site and bring it back into use. Drummond Arms Regeneration Ltd (DARL) has been awarded £110,000.00 from the Scottish Government’s Community Led Local Development Fund (CLLD) with the support of Perth & Kinross Council.

DARL, the group set up by Crieff Community Trust who took ownership of the building in 2019, has already made significant progress with the site, including making it safer and more secure, removing literally tonnes of hazardous materials and erecting an internal framework to help allow restoration. This latest funding award will not only allow this work to continue but will also mean that the installation of a wraparound for the building, to provide additional debris protection and give access to the main roof for inspection and future repairs, can now take place. This will also ensure that all footpaths and roads can remain fully open and accessible.

Project Manager Stephen Oswald said “The CLLD fund is designed to support local communities tackle their own local challenges. To win the award DARL had to demonstrate the significant potential regenerative impact of the Drummond Arms project on Crieff’s Town Centre together with evidencing capacity to deliver contracted proposals within a very tight deadline. We now look forward to the next stage of this exciting journey.”

The ultimate goal of the group is to bring the building back into use, an important aim given its prominent position in the heart of the picturesque town, and its historical significance.

Ailsa Campbell, Chair of Crieff Community Trust said “We are extremely grateful for the support of Perth & Kinross Council and for this CLLD funding award. CCT is a community-based group who are working hard to bring about improvements to the physical, economic, and social environment of Crieff and the regeneration and repurposing of such an important building is a major part of that work. It has been a long and difficult journey however we are making huge progress and a successful outcome is now in sight.”

For more information contact: DARL Project Manager Steven Oswald – 07747 242507

More information:  CLLD Information                DARL

We are very grateful to Rural Perth & Kinross Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) Programme 2022-2023 for their support in funding the Drummond Arms regeneration project.



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