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CCT backs Crieff Succeeds BID

CCT is asking everyone to join us in supporting the renewal of Crieff Succeeds, our local Business Improvement District, in the upcoming ballot.
Over the past five years, Crieff Succeeds has been a huge influence on our town’s upward momentum – and now its future is in the balance, as the BID is subject to a five yearly renewal vote.

Crieff Succeeds BID is CCT’s main partner in our efforts to bring about improvements in the physical, economic and social environment of Crieff.
Below are 10 reasons why CCT supports the Crieff BID.

  1. The BID is a strong partner to CCT, sharing the same aims of improving the physical, social and economic environment of Crieff.
  2. The BID supports and works with other community groups to help them.
  3. The BID is named as one of the main groups to deliver 13 out of 21 Priorities in the new Crieff Community Action Plan 2021 – 26.
  4. The BID represents Crieff when things are planned for the town which are not wanted, such as SGN planning to dig up the main road into the town at the height of the tourist season, or when PKC closed the public toilets.
  5. The BID brings life to the town by creating diverse events that bring people from near and far.
  6. The BID has the budget and ability to leverage further money to get things done with a proactive BID manager – which CCT does not.
  7. The BID creates a professional web presence for Crieff , which is Crieff’s window to the world.
  8. The BID promotes supporting local. The Crieff Card has brought over £20,000 in sales, keeping money in the local economy
  9. The BID is Crieff’s business association. Without the BID there will be no voice for the businesses in Crieff. PKC listens to Crieff businesses because of the BID.
  10. Crieff is on the up. The BID has been a big driver of that. If we lose the BID, we lose that momentum and it will be much harder for CCT.

If the BID is voted back in, it won’t be like starting from scratch five years ago, when it took a few years to get going and show results. It will hit the ground running and pick up from where it left off. The next five years, along with the new Action Plan and Uniting Crieff will be amazing. It will be exciting to see what Crieff will be like in another five years!

If you know any business owners who have received a ballot, please encourage them to BACK THE BID. It is crucial for Crieff’s continued success.

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