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Acorn Dell survey

acorndellmeadow-ja-forwebCrieff Community Trust (CCT) is carrying out a survey to ask Crieff residents whether they would like to change the name of the community-owned woodland, Acorn Dell.

We have often heard people in Crieff say that they don’t like the name ‘Acorn Dell’. Some people say they don’t recognise this as the name for the land that lies along the west bank of the Turret Burn between Turret Bridge and the River Earn – that local people have always referred to the path along the Turret Burn as ‘Lady Mary’s Walk’, but the land to the west of the path has never really had a name.  Some people think that ‘Acorn Dell’ doesn’t sound like a Scottish place name, and they would like to have the name changed.’

We have done some research into the history of this land, and based on this research, we are suggesting three possible alternative names. (Here’s a summary of the findings of our research.)  We’d like to hear from everyone in Crieff – first, to find out whether the dislike for the name ‘Acorn Dell’ really is a feeling widely shared across the community. Second, we’d like to hear whether local people would prefer one of our suggested alternatives instead.

The survey has only four questions and will take less than two minutes to complete.  You can access the survey here.

We would like to make it clear: we are NOT proposing to rename the path along the Turret Burn.  Local people have always referred to the path on the west side of the Turret as Lady Mary’s Walk. However, we need a separate name for the community-owned woodland to be able distinguish it from the main section of Lady Mary’s Walk along the River Earn which is owned by Perth & Kinross Council.

If you know of someone who would like to take part in the survey, but who doesn’t have access to the internet, copies of the survey will be available at the Crieff Library (Strathearn Campus) from Wednesday 26 October.

Deadline for responses is 5pm Friday 11 November.

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