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CCT’s response to the proposed relocation of the Crieff Police Station

The CCT submitted a formal response to Tayside Police concerning their proposal to relocate the Crieff Police Station from their current King Street office to the Strathearn Community Campus.

We sent our response to Inspector Iain Ward, who presented the proposal to the Community Council on 12 November, and to Chief Superintendent Hamish Macpherson, who attended the open meeting organised by the Community Council on 22 November.  We also sent our response to senior officers at Perth & Kinross Council who are responsible for planning and town centre regeneration — Jim Valentine, Barbara Renton and David Littlejohn.

In our response, we objected to the proposal to move the police station from the centre of town to the Campus on the edge of town.  We believe this will have a detrimental impact on the accessibility and visibility of the police to the community overall, and we also believe it will have a detrimental impact on our town centre.  While our preference is for the police to remain in their existing King Street offices, our view is that, if this is not possible, that they should seek an alternative space in the centre of Crieff.

You can read our response in full here.

Tayside Police have extended the consultation period.  If this is an issue you feel strongly about, please be sure to make your views known by visiting the Tayside Police consultation website.

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